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1-Atico Wedding Review — Your Dream Wedding Venue in the Heart of Orchard

A Brief Overview on Your Ideal Wedding Venue

Located right in the heart of Orchard, 1-Atico has set the standard for what it’s called the five-star stunner wedding. Designed to impress, the venue is situated atop the city’s pinnacle, 55 storeys above ground level. Boasting a sky-high ceiling accompanied by a majestic-looking window wall and modernistic light furnishings overhead, this palatial wedding venue in Singapore overlooks the beautiful city from an angle that is far distinct from the plain, bearing bird’s eye view to a panoramic 180-degree view of the sweeping skyline — welcoming in the morning sun rise, mystery of the after-hours, and everything else it has to offer.

Finding a good wedding venue is of premier importance, and best believe that 1-Atico has it all figured out for you.

1-atico wedding

Modern Extravagant or Minimalist Wedding, You Make the Call

At 1-Atico, you experience elegance at its finest without a tad bit of fussiness. The clean lines along the glass walls create a contemporary backdrop against which you can style your wedding the way you want it; be it lavish and extravagant, or minimalistic and chic. Enjoy an afternoon bathed in natural light for an intimate ceremony. In the evening, stars-shining through the magnificent windows sets the perfect backdrop for a wholesome evening filled with fun and laughter as dusk fades to night.

Exquisite Delights Curated by 1-Atico’s In-House Culinary Maestros

Apart from the breathtaking views, leave a lasting impression on your guests by treating them to a gastronomic feast. Indulge in an exquisite repertoire of delights prepared by culinary chefs as you dine on cloud levels alongside a sky-high spectacle of the city that changes with the pulsing city lights. The best part? Your taste buds are set to get the best of both worlds — with palatable dishes that are in courtesy of both Nikkei (FLNT) and Argentinian (FIRE) cuisines.

Fire @ 1-Atico

Perched on the top floor of Ion Orchard is where you’ll get a spectacular bird’s eye view of Singapore whilst feasting on one of the best curated meals. You can even see Marina Bay Sands from here. This Argentinian restaurant is managed by the 1-Group with well-renowned concepts including Wildseed Cafe, 1-Altitude, UNA, and Bee’s Knees. Kindly note that there is a dress code to abide by: no singlet, slippers or sandals.

The concept of Fire revolves around four fires using apple, oak and almond oaks. The menu especially, is developed by chef-advisor Patricia Ramos whose specialties include “asada”, an Argentine grilling method using burning embers; along with chef-advisor Soledad Nardelli who are recognised by the Argentinian government as the “Ambassador of Argentine Cuisine”. The execution of the menu nonetheless, was done by head chef Lamley Chua.

Some of their signature dishes include the Argentinian chicken broth and cured ocean trout, empanadas, grilled squid, cheese corn with paprika, sea bass, the Argentinian Devesa beef cheek carbonara. Fantastic food, cordial service and sensational view, what’s there not to like about it?


Splashed in alluring black-and-gold trimmings and creating a modern contrast between dark and light, FLNT is where Peruviant ingredients and Japanese techniques abound. While this space isn’t made to feel any less vast, the noir theme lends the area a welcoming facelift to match the contemporary Peruvian-Japanese feast the FLNT offers.

The splendid view lured saps from far and wide, and the involvement of Australian celebrity chef and restaurant empire builder Luke Mangan made sure the standards were on par with guests’ expectations. Apparently, what is happening on level 55 is not just a breath of fresh air, but also a culinary adventure.

FLNT boasts an interesting Nikkei cuisine. Simply defined: Peruvian ingredients, Japanese techniques, Nikkei itself refers to Japanese who have settled in other parts of the world, bringing their culinary tastes and influences across the globe. Some of their signature dishes include the Ceviche, Foie Gras Taco, Gindara Misoyaki, and Inka Sushi with a variety of extremely composed pieces (from Flame Seared Salmon and Ikura to Big Fin Reef Squid and Sweet Shrimp and onto Grilled Wagyu and Uni), literally a party for your palate!

Floor Plan


This venue is able to accommodate 238 pax (pre covid) and up to 168 pax with safe distancing measures.

Solemnization (Seated)

Up to 60 pax

Restaurant (Seated)

238 pax (pre covid) and 168 pax with safe distancing measures.


You get a full-service bar at 1-Atico, a complete set of AV equipment, projector and screen, along with a bridal room for changing.

Profess Your Love on Cloud Nine with 1-Atico

There’s nothing better than saying “I Do” right in the best wedding venue in Singapore. Enchanting skylines and magnificent sunsets, complemented by the romantic flicker of night city lights, here is where you get to celebrate your eternal love at. From intimate solemnization parties to elegant dinners, sweep the feet off your guests as you treat them to an evening of Paradise that belongs only to you and your partner, away from the rest of the world, right in the heart of the island, Singapore.

How to Get There?


2 Orchard Turn, Level 55 & 56, Singapore 23801

Via Public Transport

  • Bus : Orchard Turn (09023), Orchard Boulevard (09022), Orchard Road—Opp Tangs (09047)

  • Train : NS22 Orchard MRT station

Book Your Slot and Allow 1-Atico to Turn Your Big Dream into Reality


Contact Number: +65 8128 9747

Official Website:

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